Intro Paragraph: Finding the Ideal Job


I think this job would be a good fit for me. Firstly because it openly says it accepts all levels of experience, which might be nice trying for a first-ime job. It allows remote, which works since I have physical injuries that would make these things normally difficult. The skill sets it requires are some that I am familiar with, and am more than ready and willing to grow in experience.

Freelance Animator and GFX Artist

I believe this job would be a good fit for me for three different reasons. The first is that it is remote, as I do not have the ability to travel much due to monetary and physical injuries making that difficult. The second is that it wants familiarity with certain Adobe products, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, the former I am rather familiar with and the latter I am learning. Third and last, the reviews on the company suggest that it is a good working environment, which is definitely a plus.

Animator (Expression of Interest - All Levels)

This job seems like a good option for three reasons. The first is that it offers remote. The second is that it requires skills and technical knowledge that I currently have and am continuing to grow in. The third it wants 'character performance and effective story-telling' which are things I can do.