Part 1

Required Reading Answers

Part 2

Creative Brief

  1. Problem: Generative AI - is it helpful or hurtful?
  2. Audience: This covers any kind of artist or creator, whether they are an animator, writer, or artist.
  3. Competition: Since this is a research site and not a product, I will define thi as a rebranch of our problem statement Fr clarity: is generative AI helpful to artists, businesses and the general audience, or is the comparitive ease of "borrowing" others' art going to hurt creators in the long term?
  4. Key Messages: The application of generative AI, how is it helpful, why are artists upset about it, and can there be a happy medium between the two?
  5. Call to Action: What is the balance to be found so art and tools are available to everyone without compromising artists' work?
  6. How to Measure Success: Address the key messages in our research and lay out our discoveries as clearly as possible to the reader.