The Guide to Wireframing

Questions and Answers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sketching wireframes over wireframe software?

Sketching your wireframes has the advantage of speed, flexibility, and limited distractions. However, it does have the disadvantages that making duplicates requires more effort, low-fidelity aka you cannot include fonts or media and its harder to show animations or interactions, non-interactive, you have no version control, no standardization, and collaberation is limited. This last one plays a bit into the problem with duplicates, as to share it out the designer would have to draw the same wireframe multiple times.

Write a paragraph on which type of wireframing style would work best with your project and why.

In my case, I believe at least starting with sketching would be the best method for my project. As it the plan itself is fairly straightforward, it will not require many complex features, which elimitates most of the problems from low-fidelity. As this is a project made by me, I will not have to worry about potential collaberation issues, or need for duplicates. The pros out-weigh any potential cons in this case. I have also used this method for something similar in the past, so this will be the easiest and quickest method for me to use.