Domain Names

3 Possible Domain Names

  1. marianneburns
  2. knowthegen
  3. thisisai

Admittedly I'm not the best at making titles for things, so I decided to just focus on things potentially related to my assignment. After discussing it over, we agreed out of the options, the second one would probably be best, since the third is potentially a little confusing to type and I would rather save my name for making a portfolio page for myself later. Between the two of us, we could not discern any immediate issues with the second option.

With that conversation, I have decided that the second one is the one I will be using. This works out since it was probably my first choice out of the three I came up with, as it is simple enough and is at least somewhat relevant to my topic. This is a bit of a relief to me since I prefer simpler, easier to remember sorts of titles for things.