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All images were generated using Silk

Image 1
Figure 1: A spiraling mix of triangles in purple, pin, and yellow create a dazzling array.
Image 2
Figure 2: A complicated knot of green and blue. Violet threads carefully through the outer rim.
Image 3
Figure 3: A pink rosebud amidst encircling violet and blue.
Image 4
Figure 4: A complicated snowflake in blue, violet and pink, tied together by a fancy flower in its center.
Image 5
Figure 5: A fanciful swirl of blue, violet and yellow.
Image 6
Figure 6: Circling knots of violet and orange tangled together, with thin threads of green on the edges.
Image 7
Figure 7: Intense imagery in the middle of pink and bue before branching out, with violet lines coiling about the middle.
Image 8
Figure 8: A smaller, more intricate weaving of blue, orange and violet, with a small green star in the middle.
Image 9
Figure 9: A yellow lily within complex rings of purple, orange and blue.
Image 10
Figure 10: A firework of orange and yellow, with pink streaks mixing with the yellow to craft an intricate star inside
Image 11
Figure 11: Stars within stars. A blue snowflake rests admist gold and violet, before finishing with a lovely layering of green along the outside.
Image 12
Figure 12: Another figure in pink, blue and violet, woven with more deliberate layerings. The most complex lies in the center star, before branching out into the different strands threaded in fascinating patterns.