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First Look at Generative AIs

So you've been seeing all these images going around that people are calling out as AI art. You've heard about ChatGPT and likely numerous other kinda of AI-based programs that will produce anything. From anime art to something more realistic, writing AIs and things that will do so much more, Generatve AI has become the next big thing for artists, businesses and the average joe/jane.

Perhaps you've heard many conflicting things about Generative AI. Perhaps you don't know all that much about it and this is your first encounter with it. Maybe you're not sure what it is, or understand how it works. Maybe you've heard all the negativity surrounding it, and its putting you off. This should hopefully help then!

This is just a quick, simple look at what Generative AI is, how it can be used, & what the anger and controversies are about. So if you're new to what this type of AI is, this should hopefully give you an idea of the surface level of this big new thing.